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We are a leader in the supply, installation and fabrication of high-quality geosynthetics and specialty civil engineering construction products that help manage the environment and prolong the life of critical infrastructure. We offer a range of innovative, low-impact and cost-effective solutions designed to protect soil, water, and air, and reduce carbon footprint. Our products are used in civil, environmental, and geotechnical projects in a variety of sectors, including Civil Infrastructure, Water and Wastewater Management, Mining, Oil and Gas, Hydroelectric, Agriculture and Sports & Recreation. We pride ourselves on three principles of Trust. Quality. Value, putting client relationships, superior products, and value at the forefront of what we do.

tp-geo Geosynthetic

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Distribution partners

Distribution partners

Developing relationships with our partners is crucial for the growth and reputation of our business. Operating nationwide, our dedicated teams take a proactive approach with a focus on real-time monitoring of orders, production and stock vailability. As an innovative and flexible supplier, we offer consolidated product loads, marketing and training support.

Local authorities

Local authorities

Our clients rely and invest in our products to help them manage their transport infrastructure efficiently and effectively, while ensuring value for money and improvements in services. Collaborating with key stakeholders, including procurement officers, their engineers and contractors, we are committed to working together to deliver durable long-life solutions.



We are involved from the outset, advising on the right solution to all challenges in the industry. We support developers through every stage, from meeting legislative requirements, to the best way to incorporate into their developments.

Major contractors

Major contractors

It is critical that the infrastructure of our major highways is robust, safe and low maintenance. We work with engineers throughout the life of the project – from discussing product options and providing samples to observing their installation onsite.



We strive to be a leading technical reference for designing and developing advanced projects. We are happy to share our knowledge capital and offer ongoing support to establish relations built on solid trust.


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